Christmas 2015

Ham Santa was generous this year! Well, several kind friends, relatives, and Elmers were exceedingly generous, and I can’t wait to try out all the new goodies.

Among the spoils:

  • An Emtech ZM-2 antenna tuner kit
  • An MFJ-949e Versa Tuner.
  • A copy of Experimental Methods in RF design
  • A copy of the ARRL Radio Handbook (1981 edition)
  • A straight key
  • A 500 micro-Amp panel meter
  • Lots of assorted goodness goodness from Halted (power resistors, signal FETs, switches, etc)
  • Lots of assorted goodness from Excess Solutions (switching ICs, high-value caps, IF XTALs and oscillators, a fwd/reflected panel meter, etc), including a fun 25P2T latching push button switch.
  • Even more assorted goodness from Weird Stuff Warehouse. (I didn’t buy the old theatrical striplights in the back, that had the name of a theatre company on them that I worked at in high school!)


Two tuners and a straight key


An old Weston ammeter. Full scale is 500 uA.


My father had very cleverly looked up when the local electronics stores were open over the holidays before i got there. Thanks Dad!

As is often the case, Kenneth W6KWF was the source of many of the more unusual items above, and of more advice and suggestions beyond that. My parents also cleverly contributed to the shopping spree at the California surplus stores, and my Bother-in-Law found the ZM-2 on advice from a mysterious ham friend of his who I’ll have to meet one of these days.

Thanks all who contributed to my nerd-dom this holiday season!


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