KitsAndParts Bits And Bobs

In the interest of continuing my transmitter explorations, I put together a small order from which arrived yesterday. Here’s the spoils:


  • Twenty-five BS170 FETs – A basic fast-switching FET in a TO-92 package, some of these will be going straight into my Si5351-driven transmitter.
  • Twenty-five T37-6 Toroids – For constructing low-pass filters. The -6 material is rated for higher frequencies (roughly speaking) than its -2 cousin, and will be useful for exploring 20m and 15m.
  • Twenty-five T50-2 Toroids – For filters on the lower bands, and other basic transformers.
  • Five IRF510 MOSFETs – Rated at 10 Watts, I’m keeping these aside with an eye toward higher power in the future.
  • 5 MVAM109 Varactor Diodes – For constructing later VFOs or tuned circuits, these ‘voltage-controlled capacitors’ vary in capacitance from about 500pF with 1V of reverse bias down to 50pF at 9V.
  • Five BNC Jacks, Chassis Mount with Nut & Solder Tab – I found the nice panel-mount BNC jacks from my local Fry’s electronics to be so useful in putting together my Virgin Receiver that I ordered another pack of five, for when the time comes to assemble another radio.

This is the second time I’ve ordered from KitsAndParts, which is run by W8DIZ out of Florida (the first was a SWR Bridge Kit). Both times, my order arrived in a little under a week. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again!


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