Beach 40 DSB Transceiver

The Beach 40 is a double-sideband supressed-carrier transceiver for the 40m phone band. Originally designed by Vk3YE, I’m currently constructing my own with a few modifications, namely using an LC VFO instead of a ceramic-resonator VXO.

For construction and troubleshooting details, see:

Part 1 – VFO
Part 2 – Diode Ring Mixer
Part 3 – Audio Amplifier
Part 4 – Low Pass Filter
Part 5 – Mic Amp
Part 6 – T/R Relay


Beach 40 Schematics-03


Beach 40 Mixer-04

Beach 40 Audio Amp-05

Beach 40 LPF-06

Beach 40 Mic Amp-07

Beach 40 TR Relay-08