California Collectin’

I’ve just returned from a trip to California, and as usual, I took the opportunity to stock up on electronic parts. There are several suppliers and both new and surplus electronic components in Silicon Valley – their prices aren’t universally better than what you’d find online these days (though they shine in some categories), but they do have some advantages. You can buy just one of a component if you like, and you never know what you’ll stumble across. This trip, I made the full sweep of stores in the south bay: HaltedWeird Stuff WarehouseAnchor Electronics, and a trip to Fry’s as well. Sadly, Advanced Component Electronics (ACE) seems to be permanently closed.

This trip, I mostly picked up small components, with a focus on inductors and ferrite beads, in a variety of standard values. I have in mind bandpass input filters for the new transceiver and VFO circuits for future projects. Particularly fruitful was a trip to Excess Solutions, where everything was half off. While this makes me concerned about their future, it was a particularly bountiful shopping trip.

I also grabbed a weird box with thermistor markings on the back. I haven’t opened it up to see what it is yet, but the box with three nice 10-position switches seems like a handy thing. 

And lastly, a small collapsible antenna with an N connector. Fun!

I should also drop in here, since I haven’t in awhile: if this blog ends up being useful to you or you’re building something similar, I’d love to hear from you! You can drop me a line at kk9jef [at]

Hear you on the air!