Transistor Tidbits

I got another little shipment of components today from KitsAndParts. Namely:

  • 25 @ 2N7000 N-Channel MOSFETs – A general use enhancement-mode FET with a few hundred milliamps current handling.
  • 6 @ BD139 NPN Transistors – Able to handle 1.5 amps DC at 80V, these form the driver or final stages of a number of VK3YE’s portable rigs, and I’m excited to experiment with them.
  • 12 @ J310 FETs – a VHF/UHF amplifier JFET, which turn up in a lot of the regen-recevier designs I’ve been reading.

A little progress has been made on stripping the silver chassis from the DeKalb Hamfest to turn it into something. And I’ve put a little more work into optimizing the amp in the Si5351-based transmitter. But neither have enough actual results to write-up yet. So, for today, just a shopping list and a ping.

Hear you on the air,